The PyRanges documentation

PyRanges is a Python library specifically designed for efficient and intuitive manipulation of genomics data, particularly genomic intervals (like genes, genomic features, or reads). The library is optimized for fast querying and manipulation of genomic annotations.

PyRanges is open source, and hosted at github:


Stovner EB, Sætrom P (2020) PyRanges: efficient comparison of genomic intervals in Python. Bioinformatics 36(3):918-919

Documentation outline

  1. πŸš€ Installation instructions

  2. πŸš€ The tutorial, recommended for all new users

  3. πŸš€ The how-to pages, further below, where functionalities are grouped by topic

  4. πŸš€ The API reference, where all methods are explained in detail.

  5. πŸš€ The developer guide, to follow in order to contribute to PyRanges.

Asking for help

If you encounter bugs, or the documentation is not enough a cannot accomplish a specific task of interest, or if you’d like new features implemented, open an Issue at github: