The preferred way to install pyranges is through the bioconda channel:

conda install -c bioconda pyranges

You can also try pip:

pip install pyranges

PyRanges has some dependencies that are optional. They need to be manually installed if you require their functionality:

# pyfaidx: fetch sequences from fasta
pip install pyfaidx

# ray: multicpu
pip install -U ray

# pybigwig: write bigwigs
pip install pybigwig  # or conda install -c bioconda pybigwig

# bamread: read bam files
pip install bamread   # or conda install -c bioconda bamread

# fisher: fast fisher exact
pip install fisher    # or conda install -c bioconda fisher

Since these are not required for most pyranges functionality, they are kept separate to prevent the possibility of the pyranges-install failing due to dependencies that fail installation or conflicting dependencies.